Friday, 9 July 2010


We looked at 3 music videos from the artist Madonna. One from the start of her career (Papa don't preach) , one from the 90's (frozen) and one reasonably recent one (4minutes)

Papa don't preach definitely shows the conventions of a Pop video, it has a story line has dancing and focus's on the artist. this was a very popular style of music from the time it was produced. This was one of her first songs which shows her place in society due to her age/ gender. Madonna is shown as a young girl aswell as a sexual object. Also Madonna is represented as needing to grow up seeing as she is pregnant at a young age and has made the mistake many teenagers wish not to have made.
Frozen her genre has changed in this video she has moved from pop princess to having a gothic edge. instead of having a narrative this video is more abstract and dominant colour is black rather then happy colours.
4minutes again changes the genre of her singing and her video she is trying to keep up with trends as time changes. she tries to act like a hip young artist even though she is an older artist. she uses a popular artist to make her video more appealing and to target a wider audience. This video also makes her try to make her look younger my her costume which is very revealing and by moving to a new genre again R&B. She tries to mimic the dance moves of the younger Justin Timberlake which further proves that she is trying to be younger.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Choosing a picture for our magazine ad

We think that this would be a good picture to use for our magazine ad. Our idea is to photo shop the background white and and keep the 2 silhouettes in the foreground as these are the two characters focused in the video. having silhouettes create and aura of mystery about the characters and deplicts what the song is about. Keeping the picture the way it is now does not fit the genre of our video as it doesnt not seem special having the back ground as a dance studio.

Mock Cd Ad

We feel this cover fits the country pop genre. we think this because the name "Munninghoff" sounds like a country singer. The name also reminds us of singers like Jack Johnson. We feel the picture looks calm because it is not to busy and not completely full of things to look at. The writing is stereotypical of that genre. the picture fits in with the album name, by making you think whether its him and another person or another side to him.

One minute music video task.

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